Designer . Botanical Fine Artist . Instructor

Cynthia Irani is a Canadian, Montreal-based product designer, botanical fine artist and instructor. Her work is recognized for its neutral-toned colour palettes, organic free-flowing petals and signature techniques.

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Cynthia's Signature Design

Learn Cynthia's signature technique, how she translates inspiration into a real-life cake. How to look at colors, composition, and structure for different designs.

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Colour Mixing

Discover how Cynthia mixes only 3 base colors to create her signature color palettes. Learn her approach to building and applying colors to cakes. 

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Modern Cake Painting Complete Course

Learn how to prepare, stack, and frost a 3 tier cake. Master the art of mixing colour, painting with buttercream, creating 3D floral designs, mimicking watercolour effects, and creating a “torn paper” effect using fondant.

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